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Ed & Baer Parker live in the small Eastern Oregon gold mining town of Sumpter in the Elkhorn Mountain range just over the border of Idaho and 2 hours from Boise. 


Ed Parker Jr.’s late father Ed Parker Sr. is an icon known internationally as one of the leading pioneers of modern martial arts. 


In the early 1970’s Ed Parker Sr. was named ’The Father of American Karate' by Black Belt magazine. He continues to this day to be loved, revered and followed by millions around the world.


Ed Parker Jr.’s career as a professional artist extends more than 4 decades and he has worked in a vast array of different venues, capacities and topics.   


In 2010 Ed Parker Jr. was honored by the Martial Arts History Museum with the Funakoshi Award, naming him 'The Most Influential Artist Over The Martial Arts Industry For More Than 3 Decades.'  


Ed is well known for the dynamic realism contained in his portraits and they are sought after and collected by martial artists and collectors all over the world.


Today Ed Parker custom portraits, illustrations, book covers, t-shirts, teaching materials, and dramatic award pieces are seen proudly displayed in homes and countless studios around the world.


From 1989 to 1994 Baer Parker was an English as a Second Language Teacher, Editor, Curriculum Developer, Private English Tutor and Linguist in Taiwan Public Schools, Buxibans and the homes of the Taiwanese people.   


Baer Parker's passion for writing grew out of her love for the people of Taiwan and Asia, leading her to develop her own form of 'note taking with a camera.' 


Baer is always on the hunt for 'the story behind the story' and her photo stills can better be described as photo journalism.


Prior to Baer's return to the USA in 1994 and acting as a business liaison and interpreter of Mandarin Chinese to English; Baer along with her long time English student Michael Mao, a ceramics business owner and art dealer from the heart of the ceramics industry in Yingge, Taiwan organized an art and trade show at Columbia Basin College in Kennewick, Washington.


Following Mr. Mao’s Ceramics Art Show at the Columbia Basin College he donated a substantial amount of ceramics art pieces as well as his donated time in teaching his skills as a ceramicist to the Washington Tri-Cities area participants of the Trade Show at Columbia Basin College.


As a result of Baer's east-west cross cultural interaction, a sister city relationship was formed between Kennewick Washington and two of Baer’s cities of residence and employment in Taiwan; Yingge (New Taipei City) and Taoyuan.


Today Baer continues to pursue her love of photography and writing while editing and producing with her husband their Online Paxtial Arts Peaceful Self Defense Curriculum.


Look for the Hawaiian sea turtle glyph as it indicates Ed’s artwork while the bear glyph indicates Baer’s photographic images; the sea turtle and the bear are Ed and Baer's spirit animals.


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