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Come with me on my Photo Safari Adventure for a look through the lens of my camera at the majesty of Mother Nature. 


It is my passion to document and celebrate the natural world with all her colors, moods and grandeur. 


I invite you to scroll through the images of my Nature Photo Safaris…


What would we do without life’s critters? 


Everywhere you turn there's another critter just crying out to have their story documented and shared. 


Here are some of the critters who've crossed my path and earned my respect. 


I love critters!


I am forever hunting on the half second so I can freeze the frame and "take picture real fast," snatching keepsake moments in the lens of my camera. 


I don't photograph people in order to impress with any skill; I photograph peeps because 'their moment' moves me. 


I call my Peep Photo Stills ‘Otheries,' as I am not a fan of Selfies.


It is on the Main Street of Life that you find the Heart, the Pulse, the Cheer, and even the Tear that lingers, reminding you of all that is good in people and life. 


These are my 'Keeps' and my 'Peeps'…