Here is a sampling of the various types of CUSTOM ARTWORK that people have commissioned over the years. 


Each commissioned CUSTOM ARTWORK piece is customized for the client by his/her vision for a promotional, personal, or commercial design. They can range from Logos, Patches, T-Shirt Designs, Coins, Labels, Music CD's or DVD Covers; Magazine and Book Covers, Cards, Book illustrations, Posters, and Billboards etc.


To make it simple, please look through some of the past CUSTOM ARTWORK pieces that I have illustrated to see what style or variation is available. No two pieces of art are the same but this should give you a base understanding of what is available and the pricing structure of the styles and sizes. 


Be mindful that everything is customized to your particular needs.


To discuss having a CUSTOM ARTWORK piece created, please send us a note by clicking this link and filling out the form. We will get back to you shortly. Thank you. 


Click on images to see commissioned artwork and price ranges.