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Beautiful Photographic Images by Baer Parker


I love old ghost towns that still flicker reminders of life that once was. I love finding myself on some off beat trail in the woods during golden hour when the sun splices through majestic pines like a hot knife through butter.


I love hole in the wall gift shops with cool old time knick knacks and photos of real life Norman Rockwell like people; the kind of people I want to meet. Those are the kind of photos I like to buy. They are like goals on your walls reminding you to get out there and live. 


Surround yourself with images of nature and the good things in life and you’ve got a cure better than any pharmacy or doctor offers. 


So if any of these images of mine hit you in the solar plexus, you may need the cure of nature, reminder of wildlife you’ve yet to meet, or some off beat backwoods trail just waiting to be explored.   


These collectible photos are some of my favorite images and I will continue to add more so check back when you need a cure from the doldrums of the same old same old. 


If you decide to put one of my photos up on your wall or in your office as a reminder and goal to dream big of faraway places of grandeur or of wildlife you have yet to meet; well, that would be a great reason for me to release these favorite photos of mine; so here we are...

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