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Ed Parker Sr. Tribute Artwork Now Available!

For 45 years I have created artwork for my father Ed Parker Sr. and his American Kenpo Friends, Students, Colleagues and his World Wide Martial Arts Community.

My dad passed away suddenly and unexpectedly twenty nine years ago in December of 1990.

So today on the first day of the New Year of 2020 it is with deep loyalty, dedication and respect to my father Ed Parker Sr.’s legacy that I am now releasing for purchase my personal Ed Parker Sr. artwork as a tribute to my father’s life and works, making available for purchase an only son's tribute artwork to the ultimate Sr. Grandmaster Ed Parker loyalist, student, friend or collector.

I am taking this action following my own thirty years of respectful silence and I now stand tall to honor my father in my own way.

As my father Ed Parker Sr.’s only son and former business partner, I Edmund Kealoha Parker Jr., the bearer of the Parker family namesake state that this tribute is solely my own and IS NOT associated with in any way or in conjunction to the KAM IV group.

This action I take with deep and profound respect towards my legal and lawful rights and responsibilities to my father Ed Parker’s legacy, icons and imagery.

From my father’s death until today, January 1, 2020; I have not voiced or exercised my familial responsibilities to my own Edmund Kealoha Parker namesake or birthright for the sake of maintaining peace in the Parker family as varying opinions do still exist.

Today is a new day, year and decade. It is my passion to keep my father’s spirit, legacy and name alive in the hearts of those who grew to love him while he sojourned here on earth.

Profits received through the sale of my Ed Parker Tribute artwork will benefit directly my immediate family circle and downline with respect to my birthright as Ed Parker’s only son and with my obligation to the perpetuation of my father’s Edmund Kealoha Parker Family Namesake and Bloodline.

It is circumspect to my role as provider and leader of my own family, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and bloodline within the branch of the Edmund Kealoha Parker Sr. family tree that I commence and move forward with this very public Ed Parker Sr. Legacy Tribute.

With much love and aloha,

Edmund Kealoha Parker Jr.

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