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In order to preserve the History and Origins of Ed Parker’s Kenpo my wife Baer and I are now offering for sale a new series of T-Shirt and Hoodie Designs featuring three favorite Kenpo Self Defense Techniques.


My objective was to create these Kenpo Technique Designs to preserve my father Ed Parker's Art of Kenpo System. 


Ed Parker is the creator and founder of Kenpo but thirty years after his passing I am now iterating with my artwork some of the Roots and Origins of what my dad created by adding my own flare - 2021 style. 


I questioned on social media what some of the favorite Kenpo Techniques were and out of the answers received I have now completed three Custom Kenpo Technique Designs.


1. Dance of Death - Cross the Line for a Dance with Death.

2. Thundering Hammers - Foolish Acts Precipitate Thunder Struck. 

3. Five Swords - Because Five is Way Better than One.


Obviously Five Swords was one of the top techniques Kenpoists had on their list. 


I briefly posted about this a few weeks ago and the response was substantial in terms of likes and kudos but likes and kudos don't pay the bills.


My wife and I have a goal to sell at least 50 designs respectively of each of the three designs that we are releasing.  If we reach that goal more designs will follow. 


Will you help us reach that goal and go past just liking the artwork and purchase one or more of our first three designs?


My wife Baer and I own the legal rights to these designs and your support is deeply appreciated.

Thundering Hammers Back.png
Five Swords (back).png
Dance of Death (back).png
Dance of Death Front Circle.png
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